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Welcome to our list of the best puns about geese! These feathered creatures may seem prim and proper, but we’ve found some clever jokes that are sure to have you honking with laughter. And don’t worry, these jokes are all kid-friendly, so get ready for some good, clean humor. So without further ado, let’s dive into our list of hilarious geese jokes that will have you gaggle-ing with joy.

Goose Your Funny Bone with These Top Geese Puns & Jokes – Editor’s Picks

  1. Why did the geese refuse to fly in a V formation? Because they were afraid of getting in trouble for not social distancing!
  2. How did the geese react when they heard a loud noise? They got so startled, they honked in unison!
  3. What do you call a group of geese standing in line at the grocery store? A honk-a-queue!
  4. Why was the goose such a good comedian? Because it was always cracking people up!
  5. What’s a goose’s favorite type of music? Anything with honky-tonk in the title!
  6. Why are geese considered rude? Because they’re always sticking their beaks where they don’t belong!
  7. What did the goose say when someone stepped on its tail? Don’t worry, it’s just a minor gosling injury!
  8. What do you call a goose wearing a tuxedo? A fancy fowl!
  9. Why did the goose go to the doctor? Because it was feeling a little fowl!
  10. How do you catch a runaway goose? With a gander-snapper!
  11. What do you get when you cross a goose with a porcupine? A bird with prickle feathers!
  12. Where do geese go for vacation? ‘Hookey Island!’
  13. Why did the farmer choose to raise geese instead of chickens? Because it was a fowl-proof plan!
  14. What did the mother goose say when her little ones wouldn’t listen? “You’ve got to choose your battles, or your goslings will be cooked!”
  15. How did the goose make sure its feathers were on point? It went to a fowl-onicure!
  16. What do you call a goose that’s always getting lost? A fowl-der!
  17. Why isn’t it a good idea to play cards with a goose? Because they’re always cheating, and you’ll never win!
  18. Which type of geese are the best detectives? Criminal Quacks!
  19. What did the clumsy goose say when it stumbled? “Oops! Looks like I’ve been goosed!”
  20. Why did the goose go on a diet? Because it wanted to look good in its new feather boa!

Feathered Fun: Hilarious ‘Funny Geese’ One-Liner Jokes!

  1. What do you call a goose that loves to dance? A flap dancer!
  2. Why don’t geese like going to the dentist? Because they’re scared of fowl play!
  3. How does a goose like its coffee? With a beak of cream and a honk of sugar.
  4. Why did the goose go to therapy? He had a lot of emotional honking issues.
  5. How do geese stay warm during the winter? They put on their down jackets.
  6. What do you call a goose that’s addicted to social media? A tweet duck!
  7. Why did the goose go on a diet? He was tired of being called a chubbier bird.
  8. How does a goose cook its food? With a honking oven!
  9. What type of music do geese listen to? Beak box!
  10. Why do geese fly in a V-formation? Because it’s the only way they can afford first class.
  11. What do you call a group of geese playing instruments? A honky band!
  12. Why do geese make great detectives? They’re experts at finding good clues.
  13. How does a goose celebrate its birthday? With a big waterfowl party!
  14. Why did the geese go on strike? They were tired of getting the short end of the stick.
  15. How does a goose answer the phone? “Honk-hello!”
  16. Why did the goose cross the road? To prove he wasn’t chicken.
  17. What do you call a goose with a sore throat? A hoarse fowl!
  18. Why do geese make terrible comedians? Because their jokes always fall flat.
  19. How do you make a goose laugh? Tick-geese!
  20. Why did the goose refuse to share his food? He was being a little selfish and didn’t want to split his gander.

Feather your funny bone with QnA Jokes & Puns about ‘Geese’!

  1. Q: Why did the geese take a break from flying south for the winter? A: Because they needed to recharge their wings.
  2. Q: What did the goose say when it got lost in the fog? A: “I quack-quack-quack’n’t see!”
  3. Q: What do you call a grumpy goose? A: A “fowl”-mooded bird.
  4. Q: What do geese wear to stay warm in the winter? A: Goosebumps.
  5. Q: How does a flock of geese make decisions? A: By taking a “gander” at all the options.
  6. Q: Why didn’t the geese want to share their food? A: Because they were “a-greese-ive” eaters.
  7. Q: How do geese keep track of time? A: With their honk-o’-clocks.
  8. Q: What do you call a goose that loves to dance? A: The “quack-step” queen.
  9. Q: Why did the geese cross the road? A: To get to the “fowl”-ty pleasure on the other side.
  10. Q: What do you get when you mix a goose and a kangaroo? A: A “goose-a-roo”-ngated bird.
  11. Q: How do you make a goose laugh? A: Tell it a “wing”-ding joke.
  12. Q: What did the goose say to the duck? A: “You quack me up!”
  13. Q: Why did the goose get a ticket? A: It was caught “speed-goose-ing.”
  14. Q: What do you call a goose who loves to travel? A: A “flapper”-gasted goose.
  15. Q: How does a goose write a love letter? A: With a “pen”-feathers.
  16. Q: What do you call a clumsy goose? A: A “stumble”-bumble bird.
  17. Q: Why did the goose go on a diet? A: It wanted to look “a-swan” as possible.
  18. Q: Where do geese go on vacation? A: To the “quack”-cific islands.
  19. Q: What do you get when you mix a goose and a turkey? A: A “gobble-gander” bird.
  20. Q: How do geese stay in shape? A: By doing “wing”-ups and “quacks”-ercises.

Honk if you love Dad jokes about geese!

  1. “Why did the goose cross the road? To prove it wasn’t chicken!”
  2. “What do you call a group of geese playing instruments? A gaggle band!”
  3. “Why did the goose go to therapy? It had a lot of unresolved honking issues!”
  4. “Why was the goose always on its phone? It was addicted to social media-gag!”
  5. “How does a goose keep its feathers looking nice? It uses a geese straightener!”
  6. “What type of music do geese listen to? Anything with a lot of honk-ing!”
  7. “What did the goose say when it won an award? This is truly egg-cellent!”
  8. “Why did the geese go on strike? They wanted better quack-tions and more bread crumbs!”
  9. “What do you call a goose who loves to dance? A disco-goose!”
  10. “What is a goose’s favorite subject in school? Beak-onomics!”
  11. “Why was the goose so nervous? It had a big eggzam coming up!”
  12. “How does a goose get around? With its webbed feet of course, they are propeller-ous!”
  13. “Why couldn’t the goose get a date? It was always flocking things up!”
  14. “How many geese does it take to change a lightbulb? None, they prefer to honk in the dark!”
  15. “What’s a goose’s favorite type of sandwich? A quack-er and cheese!”
  16. “Why was the goose kicked out of the zen garden? It kept hissing at the other birds!”
  17. “How do geese stay in shape? They do a lot of wing exercises like squawk-ups and honk-downs!”
  18. “What did the goose say to its reflection? You’re looking beak-utiful today!”
  19. “Why did the goose get a job at the bakery? It was the best at making flan-goose!”
  20. “What did the goose say when it finally found its soulmate? It was love at first sight, feather or not!”

Quack up with these hilarious quotes about geese!

  1. “Why did the goose cross the road? To prove he wasn’t just a chicken.”
  2. “I tried to be friends with the geese, but they just kept honking at me.”
  3. “A flock of geese is like a comedy club, they’re always cracking each other up.”
  4. “Geese may fly in a V-shape, but that’s just so they can gossip more efficiently.”
  5. “I’m pretty sure geese have a secret society where they plot against humans.”
  6. “If geese could speak, I bet they’d have some pretty fowl language.”
  7. “You know what they say, birds of a feather flock together…unless you’re a goose, then you honk at anyone and everyone.”
  8. “Geese are like the evil step siblings of the duck world.”
  9. “I don’t trust geese, they always seem like they’re judging me.”
  10. “Do geese get jealous of swans for being the ‘pretty’ birds?”
  11. “Geese are just ducks with anger issues.”
  12. “Geese taught us all a valuable lesson: never mess with the mean girl clique.”
  13. “I wouldn’t be surprised if geese wrote a book titled ‘How to Annoy Humans 101’.”
  14. “I think we can all agree that geese are the worst roommates ever.”
  15. “Geese may be scary, but have you seen a group of angry chickens? Now that’s terrifying.”
  16. “Why did the goose go to therapy? To work on his honking problem.”
  17. “Geese may not have teeth, but they still have a pretty great bite.”
  18. “I’m convinced geese are just tiny dinosaurs disguised as birds.”
  19. “Geese may have wings, but they can’t fly away from their problems.”
  20. “The only thing geese are good at is making us walk a little faster.”

Honorable Hilarity: Funny Proverbs & Wise Sayings about Geese

  1. “A flock of geese will never go out of style, but their fashion sense is always a bit featherbrained.”
  2. “Geese may honk, but it’s the swans that are singing in the air.”
  3. “Don’t count your geese before they hatch, or you might end up with a gander instead.”
  4. “Birds of a feather flock together; unless they’re geese, in which case they’ll argue over who gets to lead.”
  5. “A man who chases after geese may just end up with a goose egg on his head.”
  6. “Geese may be flighty creatures, but they always come back to their roots in the end.”
  7. “If you want to catch a goose, you better be quick on your feet. They’ve got quite the wingspan on them.”
  8. “As the goose flies, so doth the wind blow.”
  9. “Some people are like geese – they honk a lot, but they never really say anything meaningful.”
  10. “A goose will always stick its neck out for its friends, but watch out for its beak!”
  11. “It’s better to be a silly goose than a boring duck.”
  12. “If you try to pluck a goose, be prepared to face its angry mother.”
  13. “The early bird may catch the worm, but the goose snoozes in and catches up on some much-needed rest.”
  14. “Don’t play goose games if you’re not ready to get goosed.”
  15. “A goose may not be the sharpest beak in the pond, but it’s got a good sense of humor.”
  16. “Honesty is the best policy, unless you’re telling a gaggle of geese that you’re actually a swan.”
  17. “You can lead a goose to water, but you can’t make it swim laps.”
  18. “God has a sense of humor, otherwise, why would he give geese such big feet?”
  19. “When life gets you down, remember: at least you’re not a goose getting chased by a farmer.”
  20. “If you want to know the true measure of a man, watch how he treats the geese when no one else is looking.”

Quack Up Your Friends with These Geese-y Double Entendres Puns!

  1. “I may be just a simple goose, but I can still wing it in the comedy improv scene!”
  2. “Why did the geese get kicked out of the farm? They were spreading their fowl language.”
  3. “Looks like the geese are having a party, I saw them honking and strutting their stuff.”
  4. “I didn’t choose the goose life, the goose life chose me.”
  5. “Do you know why the geese fly south for the winter? They heard there’s better quack in the warmer weather.”
  6. “I tried to make friends with the geese, but they just kept giving me the cold wing.”
  7. “What did the goose say to the duck? “I may be a bit of a honker, but I’ll always be one step cooler than you.”
  8. “What do you call a goose that can’t fly? Ground control.”
  9. “Did you hear about the goose comedian? He had the crowd in stitches!”
  10. “Why did the geese cross the road? To prove they weren’t chicken.”
  11. “Looks like these geese are on a mission to make everyone’s day a little more d’aww-ful.”
  12. “Why did the goose go to the therapist? To work on his honking problem.”
  13. “What did the goose say when he won the race? “I guess I just had a good gander at the competition.””
  14. “Do you think geese have egos? I mean, they are always honking about themselves.”
  15. “What do you call a group of geese playing instruments? A honk-a-thon.”
  16. “Is it just me, or do geese have a natural talent for goose-step dancing?”
  17. “Why was the goose laughing at the joke? Because he already knew the punchline – it was a honker!”
  18. “The geese were having a heated debate, but then one of them yelled “Settle down, this is a family squawk-tion!””
  19. “Why don’t geese fly in a V-formation anymore? They decided it was time to branch out and fly solo.”
  20. “I tried to train the geese to fetch, but they just kept bringing me back random feathers.”

Quack up with these Eggs-ellent Recursive Puns about Geese!

  1. What did the recursive goose say to its mom? “Gee, mom!”
  2. Why did the recursive goose go to therapy? It couldn’t stop honking itself.
  3. How does a recursive goose make music? With its hon-certo.
  4. What did the recursive geese say when they saw a pond within a pond? “Well, well, well, well…”
  5. What did the recursive goose say when it saw a mirror? “What a ganderful reflection!”
  6. Why did the recursive goose get thrown out of the math class? It was doing too many “goose circles.”
  7. How does a recursive goose stay organized? It uses its “goosebumps.”
  8. What’s a recursive goose’s favorite pastime? Playing “Mother Goose.”
  9. How does a recursive goose clean its feathers? With a loop-a-brush.
  10. What do you call a recursive goose that always gets lost? A “goose-chaser.”
  11. What did the farmer say to his recursive goose? “Stop giving me egg-celent goose puns, it’s driving me quackers!”
  12. What did the recursive goose say at the gym? “I’m ready to spread my goose-wings and lift!”
  13. Why did the recursive goose get offended when someone called it a “silly goose”? It identified as a “seriously recursive goose.”
  14. What’s a recursive goose’s favorite type of book? A “choose your own adventure” story.
  15. Why did the momma goose have to go to the store? She needed more “gooselings.”
  16. How does a recursive goose express love? It “gooses” its partner.
  17. What’s a recursive goose’s favorite type of dessert? Goose-berry pie.
  18. How does a recursive goose keep track of its thoughts? With its “goose-brain.”
  19. What did the gardener say to the recursive goose? “Please don’t leave your ‘goose droppings’ all over my lawn.”
  20. Why did the recursive goose go on a diet? It wanted to “goo-se” some weight.

Clever Geese? Tom Swifties Prove They’re Just As Witty As Their Namesake

  1. “I can’t believe geese can fly,” Tom said incredulously.
  2. “These geese need to chill out,” Tom said coolly.
  3. “I always feel like a goose when I honk my horn,” Tom said self-deprecatingly.
  4. “Do you think they come in a gaggle?” Tom asked secretively.
  5. “I’m glad I wore my waterproof shoes,” Tom said wryly as the geese flew overhead.
  6. “Looks like they’re on a wing and a prayer,” Tom said optimistically.
  7. “I guess it’s good they have thick feathers,” Tom said thick-headedly.
  8. “I think we’ve honked a few people off,” Tom said apologetically.
  9. “That was one goosey move,” Tom said clumsily after tripping over a curb.
  10. “They’re like the La-Z-Boys of the bird world,” Tom said lazily as he watched the geese resting on the pond.
  11. “I wish I had wings,” Tom said longingly.
  12. “Looks like they’re winging it,” Tom said unpreparedly.
  13. “Maybe they’re just trying to break the ice,” Tom said awkwardly as the geese landed on a frozen lake.
  14. “I think I’ve been gander-ing too long,” Tom said goose-biggedly.
  15. “This pond is now a goose gangster’s paradise,” Tom said menacingly.
  16. “I never knew geese had such bad table manners,” Tom said rudely as he watched them squabble over food.
  17. “I was definitely not prepared for this amount of flapping,” Tom said unflappably.
  18. “Looks like I have a little egg on my face,” Tom said yolkingly.
  19. “I feel like I’m in some kind of wild goose chase,” Tom said aimlessly.
  20. “I didn’t know geese could be so dramatic,” Tom said histrionically as he watched them honking loudly.

Knock, knock. Who’s there? A flock of hilarious geese!

  1. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Goose. Goose who? Goose a chance, I need to use the bathroom.
  2. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Gander. Gander who? Gander into the future and tell me where the geese are.
  3. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Honk. Honk who? Honk if you love geese!
  4. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Egg. Egg who? Eggs-actly what we need to make these geese sandwiches.
  5. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Feather. Feather who? Feather, I hardly know her!
  6. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Nest. Nest who? Nest time you see a goose, say hi!
  7. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Waddle. Waddle who? Waddle you do if a goose starts chasing you?
  8. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Beaks. Beaks who? Beaks, I’m here to defend my fellow geese.
  9. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Fly. Fly who? Fly me to the moon, where the geese roam free.
  10. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Pond. Pond who? Pond-er this: why do geese like to swim?
  11. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Feathers. Feathers who? Feathers belong on geese, not in your food.
  12. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Quack. Quack who? Quack up at this funny joke!
  13. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Flock. Flock who? Flock together with geese and you won’t be alone.
  14. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Eagle. Eagle who? Eagle-ly awaiting the arrival of the geese.
  15. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Nestle. Nestle who? Nestle in and enjoy these geese puns.
  16. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Pondini. Pondini who? Pondini the magic bird, watch as I turn into a goose.
  17. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Ducky. Ducky who? Ducky-lucky to see geese every day.
  18. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Bill. Bill who? Bill-y the Goose says hi!
  19. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Poultry. Poultry who? Poultry in motion, these geese are always on the move.
  20. Knock, knock. Who’s there? V-formation. V-formation who? V-formation of geese flying overhead, don’t forget to wave!

Goofs with Geese: Hilarious Malapropisms to Make You Honk with Laughter

  1. “I have a real feeble for these geese!”
  2. “Quit honking around and get to work!”
  3. “That’s the last time I go grocery shopping without a flock list!”
  4. “My boss is such a goose tyrant, always pecking at me for every little mistake.”
  5. “I’m feeling a bit ganderous today, maybe I should take a nap.”
  6. “I can’t find my keys, they must have flown the coop!”
  7. “I can’t wait to sink my teeth into some gooey gooseberry pie!”
  8. “Sometimes I feel like a sitting goose, just waiting for the weekend.”
  9. “I have a real goose-pimpled feeling about this project.”
  10. “My doctor prescribed some goose-nosed pills for my allergies.”
  11. “I love watching nature documentaries about migratory gooses.”
  12. “Don’t be such a silly goose, that won’t fit in your backpack.”
  13. “I tried to teach my dog to fetch, but all he wanted to do was chase after geese.”
  14. “My mom always says I have a goldless mind, but I think I’m quite clever!”
  15. “I’m so excited for my vacation to Hawaii, I’ve always wanted to see the famous geese volcanoes.”
  16. “My kids love to play in the sprinklers, they call it goose crackers!”
  17. “This new restaurant just opened up and their specialty is a fried goose platter.”
  18. “I’m going to be a grumpus if I don’t get my morning cup of goose-feine.”
  19. “My grandpa has a whole collection of antique goose cartoons from the 1920s.”
  20. “I heard my neighbor got in a kerfufflegust with his lawn mower trying to chase away some pesky geese.”

Gaggle of Goosey Spoonerisms: Hilarious Word Play with Feathery Friends!

  1. “Fleese Glocks” instead of “Geese Flocks”
  2. “Moose Geese” instead of “Goose Moes”
  3. “Squeeze Geese” instead of “Geese Squeezes”
  4. “Loose Peese” instead of “Peace Leese”
  5. “Creased Geese” instead of “Goosed Creases”
  6. “Tease Geese” instead of “Geese Tees”
  7. “Cheese Geese” instead of “Geese Cheeks”
  8. “Knees Geese” instead of “Geese Knees”
  9. “Jeeze Geese” instead of “Goose Jeez”
  10. “Pease Geese” instead of “Geese Peas”
  11. “Fleece Geese” instead of “Geese Fleas”
  12. “Grease Geese” instead of “Geese Greys”
  13. “Sneeze Geese” instead of “Geese Sneezes”
  14. “Peace Geece” instead of “Geese Peaces”
  15. “Bees Geese” instead of “Geese Beaks”
  16. “Feast Geese” instead of “Geese Feasts”
  17. “Lease Geese” instead of “Geese Leashes”
  18. “Beast Geese” instead of “Geese Beasts”
  19. “Wheeze Geese” instead of “Geese Wheezes”
  20. “Flee Geese” instead of “Geese Flee”

Quack up with these silly goose puns!

Well, that’s it folks! I hope you had a great time honing your pun-mastery with these 230+ from-geese-with-love jokes. But don’t let the laughter stop here – be sure to check out our other pun-tastic posts and keep the good times flying high! Until next time, keep being quack-tastic!

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