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Welcome to the ultimate list of weather jokes and puns! Get ready to laugh and brighten up your day with some clever and positive humor about Mother Nature. These funny jokes are perfect for kids (and adults) who love to make everyone around them smile. From sunny puns to thunderous one-liners, this collection of weather jokes is the best way to lighten up even the stormiest of days. So grab your umbrella and get ready to weather the laughter with these hilarious jokes!

Rain or Shine, These Weather Pun-ny Jokes Are Sure to Make You Laugh – Editor’s Picks

  1. Did you hear about the thunderstorm that was always angry? It had a lot of cloud rage.
  2. Why did the weatherman bring an umbrella to work? Just in case of a rain of terror.
  3. Did you know weather reports are really just educated guesses? They’re never 100% cloud-accurate.
  4. I’m sorry, I can’t hear you over the sound of how cloudy it is outside.
  5. What do you call a tornado that’s also a plumber? A funnel of mine!
  6. Why did the tomato turn red? Because it saw the salad dressing!
  7. How does a snowman get to work? By icicle cycle.
  8. Why did the ghost go inside the bar? For the Boos!
  9. Be careful what you say to a storm, they might take it literally and give you a rain check.
  10. I tried to catch some fog earlier, but I mist.
  11. I’m not saying I have control over the weather, but I do have a good disWeather.
  12. Have you heard about the weather channel’s new dance show? It’s called Hailstorm.
  13. Why are ducks great weather forecasters? They have a lot of quackperience.
  14. What do you call a happy thundercloud? A cloud with a silver lining.
  15. My girlfriend told me she was leaving me because of my obsession with the weather. I said, “you’ll find sunny else!”
  16. How do you know when it’s raining cats and dogs? When you step in a poodle.
  17. Why did the sun go to therapy? Because it was burning out.
  18. I didn’t believe that weather could be inherited, but my family has a bunch of climate genes.
  19. What do you call a lazy hurricane? A cyclone with no motivation.
  20. Why did the snowman call his dog Frost? Because of its paws-itive attitude.

Brace Yourself for these Hilarious ‘Funny Weather’ One-Liner Jokes

  1. I’m not sure if the clouds are crying or just overdramatic.
  2. Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a cover-up artist.
  3. I’m not a meteorologist, but I do enjoy a good forecast.
  4. I tried to catch some fog earlier, but I mist.
  5. The weatherman said it was going to rain, but my hair hasn’t gotten the memo.
  6. I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination (inspired by Jimmy Dean).
  7. Spring is nature’s way of saying, “Let’s party!”
  8. My snowman building skills are on point, I’ve been frosty all my life.
  9. Buckets of rain and puddles for days – sounds like heaven for ducks.
  10. Why did the storm break up with the maple tree? Because it was too sappy.
  11. If a meteorologist marries a baker, would they throw a weather dough-nut?
  12. Do raindrops go to the doctor when they fall sick? No, but they do drop in to let the local puddles know.
  13. What do you call a cold rain? A weather poss-ibility!
  14. Why was the ice dissatisfied with its job? Because it was always getting watered down.
  15. Did you hear about the hurricane party? It was a real blowout.
  16. I guess Mother Nature wasn’t happy with her haircut, she always seems to have bad hair days.
  17. Why did the snowman take his wife to the melting pot? Because he heard she was a hot pot(ato)!
  18. The best time to announce it’s raining is when it’s actually pouring – no one will question your accuracy.
  19. Wind chill is nature’s way of reminding us not to leave the house without a jacket.
  20. How does a weatherman explain his job to his kids? “I make it rain, hail, and snow, but I’m not the boss – Mother Nature is.”

Forecasting Fun: QnA Jokes & Puns about Weather That Will Make You Rain with Laughter!

  1. What did the meteorologist say when his umbrella broke? “I guess it’s time for a rain cheque!”
  2. Why did the weatherman have to go to therapy? Because he had a severe case of climate change!
  3. How does a thunderstorm keep its cell phone charged? With a lightening cable!
  4. What did one snowman say to the other snowman? “Do you smell carrots too?”
  5. Why did the sun borrow money from the moon? Because it was in dire need of some luminary support.
  6. What’s a cloud’s favorite type of music? Rock-n-cirrus!
  7. What did the wind say to the tree? “Leaf me alone!”
  8. Why did the weatherman refuse to forecast for the evening? Because he didn’t want to work under the pressure of a last-minute storm!
  9. How did the weatherman feel after predicting rain for days, but getting sunshine instead? He was precipitationally disappointed.
  10. Why did the raindrop want to be an astronaut? To explore the clouds!
  11. What did the hurricane say to the coconut tree? “Hold on to your nuts, this is going to be a wild ride!”
  12. How do you describe a day in New England? Rainy with a side of “leaf me alone!”
  13. What did the fog say to the lighthouse? “I mist you!”
  14. Why don’t ants get washed away in the rain? Because they use an inch-ant-umbrella!
  15. What do you call a snowman in the summertime? A puddle!
  16. How do you know when it’s too hot outside? When you start sweating like a snowman in Florida!
  17. What did the weatherman say when he lost his job? “I guess my forecasts were just a little too cold for the liking!”
  18. Why did the tomato turn red? Because it saw the salad dressing!
  19. What did one raindrop say to the other raindrop? “My pitter-patter is louder than yours!”
  20. Why did the sun go to therapy? Because it was feeling a bit shady.

Stormy Skies or Sunny Smiles? Funny Proverbs & Wise Sayings about Weather

  1. “A sunny day keeps the doctor away, but a rainy day keeps the therapist in business.”
  2. “An umbrella is like a good friend, always there to shield you from life’s storms.”
  3. “A forecast without rain is like a politician without a scandal – hard to find.”
  4. “Don’t like the weather? Just wait a minute, it’ll change like your ex’s mood.”
  5. “A cold front in the forecast means it’s time to break out the leggings and oversized sweaters.”
  6. “Life is like the weather, unpredictable and always changing – but somehow still manages to ruin your plans.”
  7. “A heatwave is nature’s way of saying it’s time to shave your legs.”
  8. “If you don’t like the weather in [insert location], just wait – it’ll get worse.”
  9. “A snowstorm is the perfect excuse to cancel all plans and binge-watch Netflix.”
  10. “Going outside during a hailstorm is like playing a real-life game of dodgeball.”
  11. “They say every cloud has a silver lining, but I still can’t find my car in this parking lot.”
  12. “A thunderstorm is just nature’s way of saying ‘time to take a nap.'”
  13. “A hurricane may be scary, but have you tried getting out of bed on a Monday morning?”
  14. “Snowflakes are like people, each one is unique and annoying in their own way.”
  15. “The only thing more unreliable than the weather forecast is your friend who always says they’ll be ready in 5 minutes.”
  16. “A rainbow after a storm is like a reward for surviving another round of chaos.”
  17. “Changing weather is just Mother Nature’s way of keeping us on our toes – or slipping on black ice.”
  18. “A windy day reminds us that some things in life just can’t be tamed, like your hair or your children.”
  19. “A cloudy day is like a blank canvas – now you have an excuse to stay inside and binge-watch reality TV.”
  20. “The only thing worse than being caught in the rain without an umbrella is being caught in the rain with a $5 umbrella that turns inside out.”

Forecasting Fun: Dad Jokes about Weather

  1. Why did the sun go to school? To get brighter.
  2. What did the rain say to the ground? “I’ll fall for you.”
  3. What do you call a snowman in the summer? A puddle.
  4. Did you hear about the tornado that married the dust storm? The wedding was whirlwind!
  5. I told my wife I didn’t want to talk about the weather. She said, “Fine, we’ll just have a cold front then.”
  6. How do weathermen greet each other? “Hi, Pressure is high!”
  7. Why doesn’t lightning ever tell jokes? It’s always too shocking.
  8. What did one cloud say to the other? “Let’s make it rain!”
  9. I’m no meteorologist, but I can predict that it will rain if I just washed my car.
  10. Did you hear about the hurricane’s job interview? It blew them away!
  11. Why did the fog stay in bed all day? It was feeling a little misty.
  12. What did the hail say when it hit the roof? “I’ve been pounding on doors all day.”
  13. A weatherman was fired for predicting a cold front. Apparently, it was just a bit chilly.
  14. How do you find a lost balloon in a storm? With a loud bang.
  15. Why is it so windy in sports arenas? All those fans.
  16. What do you call a sad snowman? Melting.
  17. Did you hear about the thunderstorm that always got picked last for sports teams? It had a bad lightning bolt.
  18. How many meteorologists does it take to change a lightbulb? None, they just predict when it will change on its own.
  19. Did you hear about the hurricane that went to the gym? It came out looking really buff.
  20. What kind of music do clouds like? Heavy precipitation.

Forecast: A Chance of Laughter with These Weather Double Entendres Puns

  1. “Looks like the sun’s out to play, but I think it forgot to bring its SPF.”
  2. “This rain is really pouring it on, better get my galoshes and my tears ready.”
  3. “I can’t decide if this weather is bipolar or if it just needs a Snickers.”
  4. “I always forget my umbrella, I guess you could say I’m not the sharpest tool in the rain.”
  5. “It’s so cold outside, I saw a squirrel double fisting nuts to keep warm.”
  6. “I thought I heard thunder, but it turns out my belly was just rumbling for snacks.”
  7. “They say there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad fashion choices.”
  8. “I love a good storm, it really lets me show off my dramatic running-in-the-rain skills.”
  9. “I heard the forecast called for scattered showers, but I only found scattered disbelief.”
  10. “Why does it always rain on me? Oh yeah, because I live in Seattle.”
  11. “The only thing more unpredictable than the weather is my mood swings.”
  12. “I swear I saw a snowflake earlier, but it must have been a dandruff flake from heaven.”
  13. “Spring is in the air, and pollen is in my eyes, nose and throat.”
  14. “I don’t trust this nice weather, it’s probably just the calm before the storm.”
  15. “I love when the wind gives me a free blowout, too bad it never lasts.”
  16. “I may not have a six-pack, but I do have a keg-stand as long as it’s raining.”
  17. “I’m a big fan of summer, but not these humidity levels, that’s just excessive.”
  18. “They say every cloud has a silver lining, but I can’t find my car keys anywhere.”
  19. “I don’t know what’s hotter, the temperature or all these Dad jokes about the weather.”
  20. “I don’t mean to be a Debbie Downer, but I’m pretty sure the forecast is calling for rain all over my parade.”

Forecasting Laughs: Recursive Puns about Weather

  1. “I couldn’t handle the pressure, so I decided to become a meteorologist. Now I forecast my own destiny.”
  2. “Why did the storm get arrested? Because it was charged with assault and battery.”
  3. “The snowman was feeling down, but then he realized he had a meltdown.”
  4. “My favorite type of weather forecast is a light breeze with a chance of puns.”
  5. “I heard the weatherman got a sunburn, but don’t worry, it was just a minor UV ‘Ray’diation.”
  6. “I tried to catch some fog, but I mist.”
  7. “What did the cloud say to the angry raindrop? ‘You need to precipitate more positivity.'”
  8. “Why did the weatherman switch careers? He saw a bright future in his crystal ball.”
  9. “My friend asked me why hurricanes are named after people. I told him it’s to remind us that we can’t always control everything in our lives, sometimes we just have to weather the storm.”
  10. “Why did the wind go to therapy? It had some serious gust issues.”
  11. “I asked the weatherman if it’s going to be cloudy today. He said he can’t say for certain, his forecast might be a bit hazy.”
  12. “How do weathermen organize their closets? They hang their coats on hangers.”
  13. “The lightning bolt was on strike, it refused to work over hours.”
  14. “What do you call a wet horse riding in the rain? A Soaking Mare.”
  15. “Why did the weather balloon travel the world? It wanted to see what all the hype was about.”
  16. “I was feeling cloudy today, so I tried to cheer myself up with some sunny-side up eggs.”
  17. “Why does everyone love a good thunderstorm? Because it’s all flash and boom.”
  18. “I tried to catch some sunshine, but it kept eluding me. Must be shy.”
  19. “What’s Mother Nature’s favorite type of comedy? Situational humidity.”
  20. “Why was the snowman so chill? Because he was surrounded by cool flakes.”

Forecast Follies: Hilarious Weather Malapropisms to Brighten Your Day

  1. “It’s raining cats and frogs!”
  2. “I’m feeling under the waterfall today.”
  3. “Looks like we’re in for a stormy knight.”
  4. “The weather forecast calls for a 90% chance of penguins.”
  5. “Don’t forget your umbrellaphant.”
  6. “I hope this snowcalypse doesn’t last too long.”
  7. “This sunshine is making me itch from all the pollenation.”
  8. “I woke up to a blanket of frog on the ground.”
  9. “Did you hear about the hurricane that turned into a zurpado?”
  10. “Looks like it’s going to be another scorchercone today.”
  11. “I can’t wait to fire up the barbecue and grill some nice warmbuns.”
  12. “There’s a chance of thunder chickens later tonight.”
  13. “I was caught in a hailstorm of nickel-sized quarters yesterday.”
  14. “The fog is so thick, I can barely see my hand in front of my facepalm.”
  15. “I need to get my tan on before the sun disappears behind the cloudburrito.”
  16. “I am so over this never-ending snowmageddon.”
  17. “My hair is a frizzy mess thanks to the humiditybeast outside.”
  18. “I can’t wait to snuggle up in my blankets and watch the football snurricane.”
  19. “Is it just me or is the air super soupy today?”
  20. “This weather has me feeling some major thunder jitters.”

Whacky Weather Spoonerisms: How to Flip-Flop Your Forecast Fun

  1. “Sunny Rain” instead of “Rainy Sun”
  2. “Floody Breeze” instead of “Breezy Floods”
  3. “Stornicane” instead of “Hurricane”
  4. “Weather Report” instead of “Report Weather”
  5. “Drizzle Freeze” instead of “Freezing Drizzle”
  6. “Hazy Fog” instead of “Foggy Haze”
  7. “Tropical Snow” instead of “Snowy Tropics”
  8. “Snowy Heat” instead of “Heated Snow”
  9. “Lightning Snow” instead of “Snowy Lightning”
  10. “Thunderstorm Sun” instead of “Sunny Thunderstorm”
  11. “Blizzardy Tornado” instead of “Tornado Blizzard”
  12. “Heatwave Chill” instead of “Chilly Heatwave”
  13. “Breezy Drought” instead of “Droughty Breeze”
  14. “Misty Heat” instead of “Heated Mist”
  15. “Icy Sunshine” instead of “Sunny Ice”
  16. “Snowy Humidity” instead of “Humid Snow”
  17. “Soggy Sunshine” instead of “Sunny Sog”
  18. “Whirly Snow” instead of “Snowy Whirl”
  19. “Sleet Flood” instead of “Flooded Sleet”
  20. “Foggy Heatwave” instead of “Heated Fog”

Forecasting Fun: Weathering Tom Swifties with a Lighthearted Twist

  1. “I can’t believe it’s snowing in July,” Tom said icily.
  2. “I always forget my umbrella,” Tom muttered, rain or shine.
  3. “This heat is unbearable,” Tom said coolly.
  4. “I hope the rain doesn’t ruin our picnic,” Tom said with a dampened mood.
  5. “The sky is falling!” Tom exclaimed chicken-ly, as hailstones pelted down.
  6. “I love the sound of thunder,” Tom said strikingly.
  7. “It’s so foggy, I can hardly see my hand in front of my face,” Tom said blankly.
  8. “I can’t believe we’re stuck in a blizzard,” Tom said snow-balled.
  9. “The lightning is really striking tonight,” Tom said electrifyingly.
  10. “I thought I left my sunscreen at home,” Tom said with a red face.
  11. “These gusty winds are blowing me away,” Tom said breezily.
  12. “I wish it would just drizzle instead of pouring rain,” Tom said with a sprinkle of hope.
  13. “I feel like I’m melting in this heat,” Tom said witheringly.
  14. “I can’t decide if I should wear a jacket or not,” Tom said indecisively.
  15. “This fog is thicker than pea soup,” Tom said soupy.
  16. “I think it’s going to hail again,” Tom said stone-faced.
  17. “I can’t see a thing in this thick snowstorm,” Tom said with a white lie.
  18. “The sun is so bright, I need sunglasses,” Tom said shiningly.
  19. “I feel like I’m in the eye of a hurricane,” Tom said stormily.
  20. “I’m in a cloud nine, it’s such a beautiful day,” Tom said dreamily.

Rain or shine, these knock-knock jokes about weather will have you rolling with laughter!

  1. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Winds. Winds who? Winds-day and sunny, perfect weather for a picnic!
  2. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Cloud. Cloud who? Cloudy with a chance of laughter, that’s the weather today!
  3. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Rain. Rain who? Rain or shine, we’ll still have a good time!
  4. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Hail. Hail who? Hail to the chief meteorologist, for predicting this amazing joke!
  5. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Sun. Sun who? Sun-believable weather we’re having, don’t you think?
  6. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Snow. Snow who? Snow use trying to stay dry, it’s a snow day!
  7. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Fog. Fog who? Fog-et about the bad weather and let’s have some fun!
  8. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Tornado. Tornado who? Tornado-nto the dark sky, looks like a storm is coming!
  9. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Sleet. Sleet who? Sleet the weather changes by the minute, let’s grab an umbrella!
  10. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Heatwave. Heatwave who? Heatwave been waiting for a joke like this all summer!
  11. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Moonsoon. Moonsoon who? Moonsoon forget to bring your raincoat, it’s pouring outside!
  12. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Thunder. Thunder who? Thunder-storms are brewing, better stay inside and tell some jokes.
  13. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Breeze. Breeze who? Breeze-y does it, let’s take a walk in this beautiful weather!
  14. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Cyclone. Cyclone who? Cyclone-sider yourself warned, the weather is getting crazy!
  15. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Drizzle. Drizzle who? Drizzle-drizzle, the rain just won’t stop!
  16. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Avalanche. Avalanche who? Avalanche all your responsibilities today and enjoy the sunny weather!
  17. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Blizzard. Blizzard who? Blizzard that just flew in, did you hear the one about the snowman?
  18. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Frost. Frost who? Frosty the snowman came to life after telling this joke.
  19. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Sunny. Sunny who? Sunny days are here to stay, let’s make the most of it!
  20. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Thermometer. Thermometer who? Thermometer-come down and join us, the weather is perfect for a barbecue!

Rain or shine, these jokes are weather-riffic!

And with that, we’ve come to the end of our pun-filled journey through weather-related wordplay. We hope you were able to weather the storm of our cheesy jokes and thunderous puns. If you’re still looking for more laughs, be sure to check out our other pun-derful posts on all things funny. Who knows, you might just find yourself in a high-pressure situation trying to contain your laughter. Keep calm and keep punning, folks! 🌦️

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