Laugh Your Way Through August: 210+ Jokes & Puns to Brighten Your Month!

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Hey there humor-lovers! August may be the end of summer, but that doesn’t mean the fun has to stop. In fact, this month is bursting with pun-tastic potential! Get ready to laugh your way through August with our list of the best jokes and puns about this sunny season. We’ve got clever wordplay, positive vibes, and plenty of silliness to tickle your funny bone, so grab your kids and get ready for a good time. Trust us, this list will have you saying “August? More like AUGUSTly hilarious!” Let’s dive in, shall we?

Laugh through the ‘dog days’ of August with our top puns and jokes – Editor’s Picks!

  1. Why was the corn afraid of August? Because it knew it would soon become an ear.
  2. What did the sun say when he saw the calendar turn to August? It’s my time to shine!
  3. What did the teacher say when her students complained about the heat in August? Don’t worry, we’ll just turn up the ACust.
  4. Why did the lion refuse to take a summer vacation in August? He didn’t want to be prideless.
  5. What do you call a group of dogs celebrating August together? A canine-coo.
  6. Why did the lemonade refuse to be sold in August? It didn’t want to be squeezed out of business.
  7. Why was the calendar always relieved when August was over? It was a tough month to get through.
  8. What did the snowman say when he saw the temperature rising in August? It’s getting a little thawed in here.
  9. Why couldn’t the clockmaker finish his work in August? He was running out of time.
  10. What did the farmer say when he harvested his crops in August? It’s a-maize-ing!
  11. Why did the tomato turn red in August? It saw all the other fruits and veggies getting ripe too.
  12. What do you call a summer camp solely for chefs in August? A culinary retreat.
  13. Why did the scarecrow feel lonely in August? He was missing his summer fling.
  14. What did the rain say to the picnic in August? Sorry, I’m just passing through for a little shower.
  15. Why was the beach so crowded in August? Everyone wanted a little sand and surf before summer ended.
  16. What did the pumpkin say when it woke up in August? I think I’m in the wrong season.
  17. Why was the ice cream truck ecstatic in August? It was melting in all the business.
  18. What did the tree say when its leaves started falling in August? It’s just shedding for the summer.
  19. Why did the party balloons avoid August? They didn’t want to be burst by the heat.
  20. What do you call a fish’s favorite month? August-ion filled with fun and sun.

Summer may be ending, but the laughter never stops with these Funny August One-Liner Jokes!

  1. August is like a giant mosquito, always buzzing around and sucking the life out of summer.
  2. Never trust an August calendar, it’s always up to something.
  3. August is when the air gets hotter and so do the tempers.
  4. August is the month when your summer body officially turns into a “where did my abs go?” body.
  5. August, the month I start drinking pumpkin spice lattes to cope with the impending end of summer.
  6. August is like a Monday that lasts for 31 days.
  7. The only thing getting lit this August is the BBQ.
  8. August is like a bad boyfriend, it starts off hot and fun but then it just drags on and on.
  9. August: the month of endless “back to school” commercials and cries from students everywhere.
  10. August is the month where you realize you’ve accomplished none of your summer goals and just give up.
  11. August: when the electric bill goes up and your motivation goes down.
  12. August is like the Sunday night of summer, dreading Monday (aka September) looming ahead.
  13. I may be sweating in this August heat, but at least my tears can’t be seen.
  14. The only good thing about August is National Ice Cream Sandwich Day.
  15. August, the month of constantly checking the weather forecast because it’s never consistent.
  16. Don’t worry about the heat, August has got enough “slow burn” for everyone.
  17. August is like the Bruce Banner of months, starting off mild-mannered and then turning into a beast.
  18. The only thing witnessing my beach bod in August is my refrigerator.
  19. August is like the ultimate “friend-zoner,” it’s just not ready to let go of summer.
  20. Saying “adios” to August and “hola” to fall like…

QnA Jokes & Puns about August: Making the ‘Dog Days’ a Little More Bearable

  1. Q: Why did August feel down? A: Because it’s always beneath September.
  2. Q: What did August say when someone asked if it was hot outside? A: No, it’s just “AUGUST-ing”!
  3. Q: Why was August such a forgetful month? A: Because it always seemed to “FALL” behind.
  4. Q: How does August keep cool during the summer? A: It takes a “ICE-olating” break.
  5. Q: Why did the teacher make August sit in the corner? A: Because it was always “MAY”be causing trouble.
  6. Q: What did August say to September when they got into an argument? A: “Autumn-atically” September is wrong!
  7. Q: Why did August refuse to go to the beach? A: Because it didn’t want to get “SAND-wiched” by July and September.
  8. Q: How is August different from February? A: August has 31 days of hot weather, while February only has “VALENTINE DAYS.”
  9. Q: What did the calendar say to August? A: “Don’t be JULY.” Be yourself!
  10. Q: What did August say to July when they were hanging out? A: “You’re too HOT to handle!”
  11. Q: Why did August break up with July? A: Because it was just too “HOT” to handle.
  12. Q: What did August say to November? A: “So, what do you do for fun besides giving thanks?”
  13. Q: How does August stay hydrated during the heat? A: It drinks “FALL-on-naise” instead of water.
  14. Q: What did August say when someone asked it to go for a walk? A: “I’m summering!”.
  15. Q: Why did August make a terrible gardener? A: Because it couldn’t “SPRING” into action.
  16. Q: What did August say to October? A: “Stop acting like such a ‘LEAF’.” You’ll never change!
  17. Q: How does August prepare for the colder months? A: It starts “WINTER-izing” early.
  18. Q: Why did August feel left out during the holidays? A: Because it’s the only month without a significant holiday.
  19. Q: How does August deal with its fear of flies? A: It “SWATs” them away!
  20. Q: What did August say on the first day of school? A: “Summer was easy breezy, but now I have to ‘FALL’ into learning!”

Summer’s swan song: Hilarious proverbs and wise sayings about August

  1. “In August, turnips grow wide, but so do my love handles.”
  2. “A fool in August is as cool as a cucumber, but twice as ripe.”
  3. “August is like a bad boyfriend – it always leaves you craving for September.”
  4. “An August without ice cream is like a summer without sunshine.”
  5. “When in doubt, just blame it on the dog days of August.”
  6. “August: the only time of year when sweat is both a fashion statement and a curse.”
  7. “In August, do as the cicadas do – make a lot of noise and take naps.”
  8. “The only thing hotter than August weather is my bank account after all those summer vacations.”
  9. “August is nature’s way of reminding us that school is just around the corner.”
  10. “Some people say August is the Sunday of summer, but I say it’s more like the Monday.”
  11. “August is a great time to start a new diet – just think of all the sweat working in your favor!”
  12. “If August had a human form, it would be that annoying relative who overstays their welcome.”
  13. “They say August is the perfect month for fishing, but I prefer to catch up on my Netflix instead.”
  14. “August is like the World Cup of fruit – everyone’s cheering for watermelon, but secretly hoping for apple.”
  15. “Summer flings in August are like a game of hot potato – everyone wants to hold on, but no one wants to get burned.”
  16. “August: when all the pool parties are fun until someone mentions the dreaded word – ‘back to school’.”
  17. “If life gives you lemons in August, just make some lemonade and add a splash of vodka for good measure.”
  18. “They say August is when the dogs days are at their worst, but I think they meant to say teenagers.”
  19. “August is the month when you finally learn to embrace your frizzy hair and just go with the flow.”
  20. “In August, you can never have too much sunscreen or too much air conditioning.”

Tickle Your Funny Bone with These Hilarious Dad Jokes About August

  1. Why did the calendar go on a diet in August? Because it wanted to be leaner!
  2. What’s a dog’s favorite month? Bark-gust!
  3. How does the sun stay cool in August? It uses a fan!
  4. I told my wife I wanted a month named after me. She said, “You can have August, but you’ll have to take out the trash every day!”
  5. Why was the math book sad in August? Because it had too many problems!
  6. What did the calendar say to August? “I’m looking forward to spending some quality time with you!”
  7. What do you call a sick calendar in August? A fever month!
  8. Why was the computer hot in August? It was processing a lot of data!
  9. What did the grape say to the raisin in August? “Better stay near me, it’s about to get hot!”
  10. How does the sun stay on top of things in August? It uses solar power!
  11. What did the calendar say when August started? “Feline fine!”
  12. Why are fireflies so popular in August? Because they’re bug celebrities!
  13. Why did the tree cry in August? Because it knew autumn was just around the corner!
  14. What do you call a calendar’s nervous breakdown in August? A date with destiny!
  15. Why do ice cream cones love August? Because it’s their biggest scoop of the year!
  16. What’s the best way to stay cool in August? Hang out with penguins!
  17. Why was the pirate excited for August? He couldn’t wait to go on a val-blue-tion!
  18. How did the ice cream cone get together with the popsicle in August? It was a sweet melting point!
  19. What did the sunflower say to the sun in August? “You’re shining a little too bright today, can you tone it down a bit?”
  20. Why did the calendar go to therapy in August? To work through its issues with commitment!

Tickle Your Funny Bone with these August Double Entendres Puns

  1. August is always a hot month…but not as hot as you, baby!
  2. In August, the sun sets earlier…but the fun never stops with you.
  3. August may mean summer is coming to an end…but my attraction towards you is just beginning.
  4. August is when the days get shorter…but my love for you keeps growing longer.
  5. August is known for its heat…and you’re just adding to it.
  6. They say August is the sixth month of the year…well, you’re definitely number one in my heart.
  7. August is when kids go back to school…but I’d rather stay here and learn about you.
  8. August may mean the start of fall…but my heart is still in summertime mode with you.
  9. They say “August showers bring September flowers”…but you bring the sunshine wherever you go.
  10. August is when the leaves start to change…but my feelings for you remain constant.
  11. In August, the days get shorter…but the nights are just getting hotter with you.
  12. August may mean the end of summer…but with you by my side, it’s summer all year round.
  13. They say August is like a second Saturday…well, you feel like a weekend all the time, my dear.
  14. August is when people start to return to work…but being with you feels like a permanent vacation.
  15. August weather can be unpredictable…but my love for you is unwavering.
  16. They say August is the Sunday of summer…well, you’re making it feel like one big party.
  17. August is a time for reflection…and I can’t help but reflect on how lucky I am to have you.
  18. In August, people start buying new school supplies…but you’re the only supply I need.
  19. August may signal the end of beach days…but I’m more than happy to trade them for cuddles with you.
  20. They say August is when emotions run high…well, my emotions are definitely running towards you.

Don’t ‘autumn’atically forget the ‘august’ness of these recursive puns!

  1. “Why did the calendar get in trouble? Because it took a month off in August!”
  2. “What did the tree say to the sun in August? Leaf me alone!”
  3. “Why did the tomato blush in August? Because it saw the salad dressing!”
  4. “What did the calendar say when it was feeling down in August? I’m really not feeling myself, I think I need to go back to March.”
  5. “Why did the banana go to therapy in August? Because it was peeling stressed.”
  6. “What did the cow say to her calf in August? It’s time to moo-ve on to the next pasture.”
  7. “Why did the bee take a vacation in August? Because it needed a little buzz break.”
  8. “What do you call an alligator in August? A summer-saur-us!”
  9. “Why did the chicken cross the road in August? To get to the other shy.”
  10. “What did the grape say to the raisin in August? You really need to chill out, man.”
  11. “Why did the dolphin go to therapy in August? Because it had a lot of emotional porpoises.”
  12. “What do you call a group of fish in August? A school trip!”
  13. “Why was the tree feeling lonely in August? Because all of its friends left for leaf-peeping season.”
  14. “What did the spider say to her web in August? You need a new look, you’re looking a little webby.”
  15. “Why do trees hate August? Because they’re always falling asleep on the job!”
  16. “What did the calendar say to the pencil in August? You’re getting pretty sharp, don’t you think?”
  17. “Why did the ant go on a diet in August? Because it wanted to be August-shape.”
  18. “What do you call a group of birds in August? A flock-ation!”
  19. “Why did the mushroom go to the party in August? Because he was a fun-gi to be around!”
  20. “What did the watermelon say to the cantaloupe in August? We make a great pear.”

August’s Hilarious Hiccups: The Best Malapropisms of the Month

  1. “I’ll have the ribaldiculous steak, please.”
  2. “This heat is making me sweltertunistic.”
  3. “I wish I could afford a fancy espressuit, but I’m stuck with this regurgitater.”
  4. “I can’t wait to try that new restaurant, I heard they have a delicious assortment of infernotatoes.”
  5. “I’m always careful when cutting, I don’t want to ervilter my fingers.”
  6. “Do you want regular or decapitated milk in your coffee?”
  7. “I’m not a morning person, I need at least 12 almonds before I can function.”
  8. “I’m feeling a bit schnitzlemazed today, don’t mind me.”
  9. “I accidentally spilled my soup on my lap, now I’m all jacuzzied.”
  10. “He’s always so persistent, he reminds me of a pesky perilsquirrel.”
  11. “I always feel so rumpled when I don’t have my morning juice of carophyll.”
  12. “I can’t believe I forgot my noister mittens, now my hands are freezing!”
  13. “I can’t take the heat, I need to get out of the kitchen and into the ventilator.”
  14. “I need to remember to pack an extra pair of apramer pants for our trip.”
  15. “I can’t find my keys, it’s like they vanished into thin hair.”
  16. “Can you pass me the salt and pepper bidets?”
  17. “My son loves to play with his action grizzlies.”
  18. “I can’t believe this dryer shrunk my shirt, it’s totally erractic.”
  19. “I baked a cake but forgot the beatcream, now it’s just a disasterer.”
  20. “I’m trying to eat healthier, so I always have a side salad with my pizza flambe.”

All Aboard the ‘Gust’ Train: Hilarious Spoonerisms about August!

  1. “Guzzle Bug” instead of “Buzzle Bug”
  2. “Furry Sock” instead of “Scurry Fox”
  3. “Bleach Day” instead of “Beach Day”
  4. “Tree Nubs” instead of “New Tribe”
  5. “Snug Magician” instead of “Mug Snagician”
  6. “Hop Tocket” instead of “Top Pocket”
  7. “Pea Thicker” instead of “The Pickle”
  8. “Bashy Fock” instead of “Flashy Buck”
  9. “Jungle Socks” instead of “Sungle Jocks”
  10. “Moldy Rack” instead of “Roldy Mack”
  11. “Pearly Fates” instead of “Early Dates”
  12. “Sticky Legs” instead of “Licky Stags”
  13. “Battered Wagon” instead of “Wattered Bagon”
  14. “Nippy Shutter” instead of “Snippy Nutter”
  15. “Blazing Sum” instead of “Sazing Blum”
  16. “Snappy Grapes” instead of “Gnappy Scrapes”
  17. “Crabby Flips” instead of “Flobby Clips”
  18. “Foggy Gades” instead of “Goggy Fades”
  19. “Slipper Mulch” instead of “Mipper Slutch”
  20. “Pickled Trombones” instead of “Tickled Prombones”

Augustus couldn’t believe his eyes when Tom Swiftly invented a new way to beat the summer heat!

  1. “This party is really heating up,” Tom said, hotly.
  2. “I can’t believe it’s already August,” Tom said, incredulously.
  3. “I’ll have another hot dog, please,” Tom said, frank-ly.
  4. “I’m so excited for the county fair,” Tom said, corn-yly.
  5. “I’m going to wear my sandals to the beach,” Tom said, toe-tally.
  6. “This summer heat is unbearable,” Tom said, sweat-ly.
  7. “I can’t wait to go camping,” Tom said, in-tents-ly.
  8. “These mosquitoes are driving me crazy,” Tom said, ir,rasp-edly.
  9. “I need some ice cream to cool down,” Tom said, conefident-ly.
  10. “I’m feeling a bit under the weather,” Tom said, a-choo’sedly.
  11. “I’m going to take a dip in the pool,” Tom said, swim-mingly.
  12. “I love the smell of freshly cut grass,” Tom said, sod-isfied.
  13. “I’m going to need a sunhat for this weather,” Tom said, brim-fully.
  14. “My tan lines are going to be embarrassing,” Tom said, blushing-ly.
  15. “I could really go for a cold drink,” Tom said, thirst-ily.
  16. “I’m going to make some lemonade,” Tom said, squeezily.
  17. “I don’t think I’ll ever get used to this humidity,” Tom said, steam-ingly.
  18. “My vacation was a total flop,” Tom said, beach-combedly.
  19. “I’m going to do some gardening this weekend,” Tom said, green-thumb-edly.
  20. “I can’t wait to see the fireworks,” Tom said, exploding-ly.

Knock, knock. Who’s there? Augusteal the latest knock-knock jokes!

  1. Knock, knock. Who’s there? August. August who? August you going to open this door or keep me waiting?
  2. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Olive. Olive who? Olive August, but you can call me September.
  3. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Justin. Justin who? Justin time for August jokes.
  4. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Bart. Bart who? Bart end of August and I’m still making knock-knock jokes.
  5. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Nana. Nana who? Nana your business, just let me in for some August fun.
  6. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Abby. Abby who? Abby, are you enjoying the beautiful August weather with me?
  7. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Zeus. Zeus who? Zeus August, this is the perfect time for a family vacation.
  8. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Hugo. Hugo who? Hugo home now, it’s time for August jokes around the dinner table.
  9. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Robin. Robin who? Robin the bank, I need some cash to enjoy August to the fullest.
  10. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Harry. Harry who? Harry up and let me in, I have a new August joke for you.
  11. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Noah. Noah who? Noah better month than August for pool parties and BBQs.
  12. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Gladys. Gladys who? Gladys August is here, my favorite month of the year.
  13. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Otto. Otto who? Otto know, it’s August and I have a new knock-knock joke to share.
  14. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Lucy. Lucy who? Lucy day is it? It’s August, my favorite month!
  15. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Finn. Finn who? Finn-ally August, my birthday month!
  16. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Marcy. Marcy who? Marcyme, August has brought new jokes to tell.
  17. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Duke. Duke who? Duke tell me some more August jokes?
  18. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Will. Will who? Will you let me in, it’s hot out here in August.
  19. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Wendy. Wendy who? Wendy August is over and school is starting soon.
  20. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Olive. Olive who? Olive the August jokes I can find, they crack me up!

Signing off with August-worthy puns-tastic humor!

Well, folks, I hope these puns about August have helped you kick off this month with some laughter! But if you still need more punny content to tickle your funny bone, be sure to check out our other posts featuring jokes and puns. Whether it’s about July, September, or any other month, we’ve got you covered. Keep the puns rolling and have a pun-tastic day!

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